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VÍctor Vladimirovich Vanslov

Director of  the Institute of Scientific Investigation of the Russian Academy of Arts, Doctor of the Science of Art Criticism, member of the Presidency of the Russian Academy of Arts.

VÍctor Vladimirovich Vanslov , crítica

"Muhadin Kishev is an artist who works like the renaissance artists of the past"
Joan LluÍs MontanÉ
Internacional Association of Art Critics
Joan Lluis Montané, crítica

Efgraf Konchin
Journal “Culture” Moscow 13-19 October 2005
Efgraf Konchin, crítica

"Eastward as well as westward looking"
Nicholas Usherwood
Art Critic, London
Nicholas Usherwood, crítica

"...The man who dreams, to make us dream..."
el punto de las artes
Art Journal, Madrid
El Punto de las Artes, crítica

"his crystal clear vision of our world"

Nikita James

,Londonski Courier, Russian newspaper in UK
Nikita James, crítica

"the Imagination of the Artist errant"
Carmen Garrido
Prado Museum, Madrid
Carmen Garrido, crítica

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