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"The power of colour "

At first sight Muhadin Kishev´s art surprises us with the enormous variety of its stylized and colourful composition. Here the ancestral traditions of oriental culture, with its refined and decorative ornamentation, its expressive and powerful use of colour, the fantastic flights of the imagination all combine with a passionate and finely tuned searching for contemporary plastic forms with an elaboration of spatial concepts.  
Colour is the main protagonist throughout the whole of Kishev´s art, a colour which is strong, powerful and at times unexpected, with an unending abundance of fine subtleties, combinations, contrasts and a range of colour which is truly limitless.

It is through the use of colour that the artist submerges us in a world of wonder and marvels, he makes us dream of cosmic spaces and experience the mystery and enigma of their shapes. Muhadin has such a free  command of colour that it seems as if he could use it to say anything, to express the deepest feelings, the state of the soul and the tremors of the heart.

Muhadin has a masterly command of all the different possibilities for expressing reality and with the greatest of ease passes from one to the other.

In all of his work the artist flees from artistic stereotypes, worn over so many years to become easy tricks.. He himself says: “ my search is like a wonderful path, which is endless and the more one walks, the more one comes across interesting things which make you just want to carry on for ever….”

Efgraf Konchin

Journal “Culture” Moscow 13-19 October 2005


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