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"the Imagination of the Artist errant"

Muhadin Kishev’s rich imagination is a basic ingredient of his work and can be appreciated not only in his creativity and the interweaving of forms and shapes in space, but also in his understanding of colour. Both concepts, form and colour, are based on reality, only to be then recreated in the artist’s imagination and in his pictures, in order to express his own reality, full of poetry and plastic beauty.

His mind is never at rest but in constant creative activity, and his pencils and brushes at the ready to instantly transmit his ideas and images through the different techniques and diverse supports used by the artist in the creative process.

Muhadin is usually to be found surrounded by an array of pencils and books of different sizes where he captures the never-ending stream of ideas which flow from his mind. In these books the sketches appear, precisely and perfectly executed, even with indications of the colour and tone; each piece of work is conceived and studied to perfection before the artist sets about the task of creating a painting from his mental image. The works that we finally see are the end product of some of these small sketches in the books which accompany him everywhere. These preparatory drawings, which transmit to us the way in which Muhadin works, are of great intrinsic interest in themselves and have their own special charm. As if they were miniatures they constitute in themselves works of art, which we can gaze at and contemplate with joy, these sketches from the artist’s imagination, which he is timid to share with us, as if they were part of his inner soul.

Carmen Garrido

Prado Museum, Madrid

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