Selection of paintings in Jubilee Exhibition for Kishev's 75th
An approach to the new digital tools
A selection of Muhadin's latest works of different series
The artist refers to destiny in our lives, how we meet or pass each other by or fail to connect. Each line invites us to think and meditate.
galería mujeres del mundo  
All the peoples of the world have much in common, and much that is different.
galería destinos  
Como las personas se encuentran, pasan
de largo, o no llegan a encontrarse
galería espacios  
The philosophy of endless space and movement, the eternal.
My heroes are flowers, animals, birds...
galería rodeando el círculo  
The use of the circle as an instrument for the creation of a theme, accentuates the subject matter and has a strong impact on the viewer.
When a tragedy occurs the artist cannot sit down, he has to express his concern and so contribute, with art as his voice, in a protest.

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