Exhibition “Un canto a la belleza” in Madrid

Exhibition “Un canto a la belleza” in Madrid

El Corte Ingles in Callao, Madrid presents Muhadin’s latest work in its art gallery “Espacio de las Artes”. The exhibition “A Hymn to Beauty” is made up of about 25 paintings consisting of a combination of realist and abstract paintings.

Art critics say


Víctor Vladimirovich Vanslov

Director of the Institute of Scientific Investigation of the Russian Academy of Arts, Doctor of the Science of Art Criticism, member of the Presidency of the Russian Academy of Arts.

Muhadin is recognised world-wide for his talent, for the unique personality of his art and his individual style. He speaks out on the global events of today’s world, of the grief and the tragedies; he studies peoples of different nationalities in depth and over all, creates paintings full of lyricism and harmony – a hymn to beauty.
This artist does not copy reality. He materialises images from his imagination, which are born from deep contemplation and understanding of the world that surrounds him.


Joan Lluís Montané

Internacional Association of Art Critics

Kishev presents us with a universe full of animals, plants, planets, sea, land, woman, signs, symbols, structures, geometries, landscapes, still lifes, diffuse sequences, symbolic allusions to war, reminiscences of a certain pop.

He puts together a series of elements and themes that are interrelated and present a vision of life, an attitude towards art and a versatility that can only come about through communion with poetry.


Efgraf Konchin

Journal “Culture” Moscow 13-19 October 2005

At first sight Muhadin Kishev´s art surprises us with the enormous variety of its stylized and colourful composition. Here the ancestral traditions of oriental culture, with its refined and decorative ornamentation, its expressive and powerful use of colour, the fantastic flights of the imagination all combine with a passionate and finely tuned searching for contemporary plastic forms with an elaboration of spatial concepts.

Nicholas Usherwood

Art Critic, London

For all its prolific variety, a longer, more reflective study of Kishev’s work also reveals a number of highly consistent underlying artistic intentions. These can perhaps best be summarised as a passion for colour, ornament and pattern that is almost oriental in its richness and profusion and may owe something at least to the multi-faceted, eastward as well as westward looking culture of the Kabardino-Balkaria republic itself in its music, poetry, dance and drama traditions quite as much as in its art and design.



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